Sound From Mics Should Be Restricted To The Premises: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Forward with of upcoming festivals including Eid and Akshay Tritiya, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued a directive on Monday stating that while microphones may be used in religious programmes, the sound should not be heard outside the premises and should not cause inconvenience to others.

During a law and order review meeting, the chief minister also directed the administration not to allow the use of microphones at new locations. “Everyone has the right to worship according to their own religious ideology.” Microphones can be used, but it must be ensured that the sound does not escape the premises. Others should not be inconvenienced as a result of it. “Permission should not be granted to install microphones in any new locations,” Adityanath said, according to a government release.

“In accordance with the change, the police must be extra vigilant and cautious.” ” Everyone, from Station House Officers (SHOs) to the ADG, should speak with religious leaders and other distinguished members of society in their respective areas within the next 24 hours,” the CM said, ordering the administration to take strict action “against those who issue disturbing statements.”

The chief minister stated that everyone has the right to worship according to his or her religious beliefs “Although microphones can be used, make sure that the sound does not escape the premises. Other people should have no difficulty.”

He also stated that no permission should be granted to install the microphones at new locations. “There should be no religious procession without prior permission. Before granting permission, an affidavit from the organiser regarding the preservation of peace and harmony should be obtained. Permission should only be granted for traditional religious processions. Unnecessary permission should not be granted to new programmes.”

All necessary efforts should be made, he said, keeping in mind local needs, so that every festival is held in peace and harmony, and he called for stern action against those who make defamatory statements.

“Those who attempt to contaminate the environment should be dealt with harshly. Such people should have no place in a civilised society “He stated.

Religious programmes and worship should be held only in designated areas, he said, and no religious event should be held in a way that disrupts traffic.


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